Aramaic - The Fallen (EP) review

Band: Aramaic
Album: The Fallen (EP)
Genre: Oriental Doom/Death Metal
Country: UAE
Release Date: June 10, 2014
Label: Self-released
Reviewer: Karim Tarek
Rating: 8.5/10

Having been away from the scene for quite a long time, mainly for study duties, it is naturally very hard for any new material to grab my sincere attention and interest towards it, which was exactly what happened Aramaic’s debut EP entitled “The Fallen.”

Hailing from Dubai, UAE, one of the region’s most musically flourishing at the time, Aramaic are an Oriental Death Metal quintet comprising Serge Lutfi on vocals, Fadi Al Shami and Ahmad Rammal on guitars, Rafic JR Abi Saleh on drums, and Michael Al Asmar on bass. The band’s name suggests high influence by the ancient Aramean mythology that roots in the Middle East.

Although the band started a couple of years back, their debut EP is to be released tomorrow and we were lucky enough to receive our press copy for review. The EP consists of three tracks with an approximate playtime of 20 minutes. 

With a highly impressive artwork, that kind of brings Behemoth to the back of my mind, “The Fallen” starts with the title track which has the most oriental vibe of all three tracks. It somewhat signifies an adaptation of old school Death Metal with its downbeat aggression and its punishing heavy riffs. In a nutshell, the lyrics tell an incomplete love story that leaves the lover angry 
and hateful.

Entitled “The Pledge”, the following track came downright faster, more vigorous, and less bleak. It is a war-themed track with fast drum lines, angry dual vocals, and chaotic riffs that gets you pumped during live performances. Although it is the shortest track on the EP, it combines all the elements of the catchiness and solidness of Death Metal music. 

The EP closes with final track called “The Summoning”, one that has a more oriental tinge than its antecedent, and a more epic feeling than the rest of the EP. What is special about this track in particular is its tempo swings; it goes from slow and grim to fast and violent to mid-paced and epic in smooth transitions. To me, this track resembles the Doom Metal influences that the band possess.

Overall, “The Fallen” is one of those EPs you would wish were longer. It showcases the outcome of years of work and dedication from one of the region’s most promising bands. With its high musical and production quality, it will no doubt soon become a fans’ favorite. Moreover, I personally believe that Aramaic will be one of the most important bands in the Middle East if they would continue what they started with the same level of dedication and eagerness. 

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