Band: Bloodshot Dawn
Album:  Demons
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Extreme Melodic Death Metal
Release Date: 26 October 2014
Label: Unsigned
Reviewer: Ziad Gadou

Creating a signature sound is generally one of the hardest things to do in music, not to mention in the highly critical metal community. When I first watched the music video of “Vision”, I was struck by lightning. It did not take a music critic or a metal subgenre scientist of any sort to recognize the tremendous talent blistering from the speakers. If “Bitches Love Chicken” written on, ex- drummer, Doug Anderson’s snare did not stick to your visual memory for all eternity, Bloodshot Dawn would definitely ring a bell or two. Hailing from the underground pits of Portsmouth, England, Bloodshot Dawn has risen to become a relentless force not to be reckoned with.  Following their critically acclaimed self-titled debut, Bloodshot Dawn has opened countless stages alongside huge names like Wintersun, Vader, and Decapitated.

Demons” presents a diverse, courageous step away from the standard extreme silhouette.  Smoke and Mirrors” is one of those tracks that easily become a band’s go-to song. The album opener is steady, stellar and a melodic story of perfection. This album also marks guitarist, Benjamin Ellis’ prominent presence as a vocalist. With a solo crafted to excellence, this song set the tone just right for what promised to be a monstrous second installment. “Consequence Complex” had one thought running through my head: this drummer is a f***king machine. Janne Jaloma (Deals Death) is Bloodshot Dawn’s newest member since Doug Anderson’s (Unfathomable Ruination) departure in 2013. He might not provide Anderson’s monstrous back vocals, but he will certainly imprint his Usain Bolt blast-beats and tight double-bass kicks into the essence of your very soul. “Inadequacy” and “Black Hole Infinity” demonstrate just how well coordinated Josh McMorran and Ben Ellis are, as guitarists and vocalists. I can safely say these two are the next big melodic death duo. The solo-stuffed track, “The Image Faded”, is my personal pick off this album.  Another very distinctive aspect of this album was the band’s choice of guest appearances. Sven De Caluwé (Aborted, System Divide), Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry), Teemu Mäntysaari (Wintersun), Andy James (ex-Sacred Mother Tongue) and Chris Amott (Armageddon, ex-Arch Enemy) are guaranteed to get you invested in this journey of star-studded melodic mayhem that is “Demons”.

This album is easily one of my favorite releases of 2014. The superb skill every member has shown in this ground-breaking album will surely take this band further and further in the metal ranks. As a guitarist, a metal enthusiast, and a sucker for melodic tastiness, this album is everything I expected and more. One can only feel a warm sense of joy knowing that bands like Bloodshot Dawn will save the day when all else is lost. 


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