Album: Garden of Dystopia
Band: Divine Disorder
Release Date: November 3rd, 2014
Label: Inazuma Productions
Reviewer: Habib T

Powerful, heavy, melodic, and spun with an air of dark intrigue and fantasy, the debut album “Garden of Dystopia” by Kuwait-based band Divine Disorder is a killer album.  Metal fans who lived in Kuwait will recognize a few of them  played for disbanded industrial metal band Positive Poison (Ed's note: major throwback). Featuring a wide array of guest musicians, the album pushes the envelope even further for metal in the Middle East. The album was mixed by Jens Bogren of Fascination Street Studios and was mastered by Brett Caldas-Lima of Tower Studio. Suffocation’s Kevin Talley plays the drums on this album. 

The opening track “Pandora’s Codex” opens with beautiful violins and choir vocals which build up to a heavy start with torrential drums, and an awesome guitar solo by Christofer Malmstrom of Darkane. Clean vocals by George Eliassen are also featured on this track. The following song “Children of Menace” is of even a heavier caliber as it boasts a Death Metal-style opening complete with heavy riffs and drumming, paired with cool synths and epic choir vocals. Karl Sanders of Nile lays down a brilliant solo in the second half of it, and it is a song worth headbanging to, even as it slows down towards its end.  

Another track worthy of note is “The Arcanist”, an even more dystopian and melodic track full of malefice, which has two brilliant guitar solos, the first by the late Shane Gibson (Korn) and the second by Karl Sanders. The drums on this track are particularly wonderful, and its ending is quit eerie. If there is one track with a memorable opening riff on this album, it would be “The Puppeteer”. Another powerful song with an emphasis on drumming, riffs, and growls, and also has clean vocals by Norwegian musician Dan-Elias Brevig
The 8th song on the album, “Animus” has some killer vocals, synth, and guitars, and features a guitar solo by Achokarlos  and the input of a cool instrument called the Theremin, operated by Kip RosserErez Yohanan also does Sound FX on this track. The 11th and final track “Rusted Libra” is the lengthiest on the album, playing out over 9 minutes of the sound that defines Divine Disorder’s Orchestral Death Metal style and approach to music. It features the clean vocals of Egan O’Rourke (Daylight Dies) and Dan-Elias Brevig, as well as the narration of Carlos Alvarez. It also has two great guitar solos by Yossi Sassi (Orphaned Land) and Gus Drax, in addition to a Duduk solo by Gevorg Dabaghyan and a violin solo by Elle Torry. It is a beautiful ending to a great album.

On a sad note, Korn guitarist Shane Gibson, who contributed to this album, never got to see it in its fully-produced form before his passing in April 2014. It is a great additon to the list of works that would immortalize him as a talented and brilliant musician.

This 11-track album is definitely a treat for lovers of various genres of metal, from Death Metal to Power Metal. The cover art by Strychneen Studios also fits directly into the album’s lyrical themes. It has great work on the production and getting all these musicians together in what seems to resemble more the work of a supergroup than it does that of a band. Divine Disorder (as well as their guest musicians) have surely outdone themselves and defined a new sound for the region’s emerging metal scene.

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