Band: Oceans Ate Alaska

Album: Lost Isles

Genre: Progressive Metalcore

Country: Birmingham, England

Release: February 24, 2015

Label: Fearless Records

Reviewer: Ziad Gadou

Metalcore is considered a relatively young sub-genre in the metal age, mostly popular amongst the newer wave of metal fans. With the emergence of bands like Bring Me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria and Sylosis, metalcore has proven its immense rise in popularity in the United Kingdom.  Oceans Ate Alska was formed in Brimingham in 2011. This ferocious five-piece released a debut EP titled “Into the Deep” in 2012 with favorable reviews. This year saw the release of their debut album, “Lost Isles”. 

Fourthirtytwo” lays a pretty good foundation for the album, easily transitioning the listener to the more violent “Blood Brothers”. James Harrison explodes with gruesome guttural vocals transcending the cleverly layered melodies of James Kennedy and Adam Zytkiewicz. No particular “genre” governs the sound of this band at this point. You can definitely notice groove metal and melodic death metal influences in there as well. “Linger” is one of the best tracks on the album. The delusion of safety and security in the intro riff, slowly drags you to a ditch of massive melodic creativity and tight poly-rhythmic drumming. One cannot expect the coming segment of any given song. Another very interesting feature of this album is the quality of “filler” tracks. “Equinox” is one of the most addictive soothing pieces of music I have exposed my ears to.

Once again, England steps in to offer its most recent and impressive act, Oceans Ate Alaska. This fantastic debut displays both the “core” and the beautiful in a well-articulated metal statement. Much like Rob Stark’s death in the infamous Red Wedding, you won’t see it coming. 
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