Egyptian artist Nader Sadek will be playing his first show on home territory on April 19 at the El Sawy Culturewheel in Cairo to promote newly released EP The Malefice: Chapter III. But hold up, didn't Sadek confirm a complete lineup change recently? He did, and he's already found replacements. He's already announced some of the new members. Two words: holy shit.

Glenn Benton tracking vocals with Jason Suecof and Nader Sadek
Hannes Grossman, known for his involvement with Necrophagist and Obscura will be behind drums, and Mayhem's Atilla Csihar will be handling vocals. Also on vocals is Seth Van De Loo, who some will recognize as Deicide's live vocalist a few years ago on a tour where vocalist Glenn Benton couldn't make it. New Obscura member Tom Geldschlaeger will be playing guitar alongside Orestis Nalmpantis. Dimitri Khouri plays bass. Also making a rare apperance on vocals is Nader Sadek himself.

Egyptian deathcore band Mephostophilis will be opening up. All proceeds from ticket sales go to the orphans of Naga Hamadi. Click here to RSVP.

We'll be catching up with Nader Sadek very soon, so watch this space.

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