Metality's editor-in-chief Kareem C spoke with Deicide's frontman, Glen Benton, as he was tracking vocals for Nader Sadek's new release.

-Will you be playing any live shows with Nader Sadek? 
That's something that we'll have to work out in the future.

-Would you consider playing a show in Sadek's home country of Egypt? 
You have alot of people wanting me to play there, but probably not.

-What was the process of working with Nader Sadek in the studio? 
Relaxed and no pressure.

-What was your first impression when  you heard about the project, and, now that you've worked with it, what are your thoughts?
Obviously, I thought there was substance or I wouldn't have gotten involved. Good stuff.

-Is your collaboration  with Sadek your final one or will you record more albums with him? 
That's entirely up to him.

-Sadek has alot of different kinds of art work, and not just music. Have you seen it? And what do you think? 
I haven't seen much of anything to be honest.

-With Sadek using different musicians on each album, how do you feel about this?
I think it will add a different dimension for sure.

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