Legions of Aramaic, rejoice!

Dubai-based oriental metal band Aramaic recently recruited Hendrik "Tempest" Woydnyski (of Maat) as their new drummer. This new addition comes after Aramaic's guitarist Fadi Al Shami contacted Hendrik back in January, as Fadi thought Aramaic's music could provide the proper platform for Hendrik to express himself freely beyond the drum kit.

The Berlin-born Hendrik has had a passion for drumming in heavy and extreme music from the young age of 6, primarily inspired by the many bands his mother listened to, such as Megadeth, Guns 'n Roses, and Type O Negative. He later discovered and developed a powerul love for a different style of drumming after listening to Annihilator and Dimmu Borgir among many other extreme metal acts.

Hendrik's other band Maat, significantly influenced by Behemoth and Nile, was formed in 2010 with with Kris (Thot) and Franko (Scaradeus) and has supported bands such as Six Feet Under, Anaal Nathrakh, Dark Funeral, and Entombed in live performances. They released their first album ‘As We Create The Hope From Above’ in 2014 and have been enjoying successes and meeting and working with musicians across the globe since.

Hendrik is definitely a fantastic addition to the Dubai metal scene and will surely contribute towards their growth both musically and geographically, beyond the region.

Check out this playthrough video of Hendrik rocking the drums to Aramaic's "The Pledge":

You can find Aramaic on Facebook here, and Maat here.

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