Anticipating the release of their debut album, Metality's editor in chief Kareem Chehayeb chatted with the guys from Dubai-based Nu-Metal band Alpha.Kenny.Buddy. 

Hey guys, how’s it going?
We’re really excited about Violent Asymmetry coming out. How long did it take to write the album? What was the song-writing process like?

We’re hoping we don’t let you down. A few of the songs had been written way before we got around to the studio, so it was essentially just a matter of polishing the rough edges with those. As for the other tracks, it was necessary for us to get into a different head space. We needed to pull ourselves out of our comfort zone to keep our expression as transparent as possible, which took more than a few months. The album reflects on the overwhelming powers of a self-righteous facade of order and the conflict with oneself through the process of merciless realisation.

Violent Asymmetry was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Hadi Sarieddine at Haven Studio. What was working with Hadi like and how did it differ from previous experiences?

It was surreal. We’ve never really had someone who would invest himself the way the Hadi did. He has augmented each track with a layer of his own masterful interpretation. Most importantly, he truly believed in this record, and when we would wallow in self-loathing and creative insecurities, he would pull us out of the hole and reassure our perception regarding the honesty behind Violent Asymmetry. He has genuinely been a very integral part of the way the album defines itself and we can’t wait to work with him again.   

How would you describe Violent Asymmetry’s music in 5 words or less?

Visceral, unforgiving, satirical, and groovy.

Tell us about the album launch and the free show at the Music Room in Dubai on the 25th of December. How long’s your set going to be?

Oh, we’re excited about this one for sure. We’ve stalled for far too long and it’s finally time. We’re going to go explore the whole album and probably a couple of the old-school AKB EP tracks which would collectively round up to about an hour. It’s a great gesture on Joscene’s behalf to organise a free event to thank true supporters and we’re glad to be a part of it. 

Name three albums that you’ve been listening to a lot lately.

Living as Ghosts with Buildings as Teeth – Rishloo
Dysfunction – Staind
Around the Fur – Deftones 

How has the UAE metal scene changed since AKB started? Where do you think it’s heading?

It’s hard to define. On one hand, you have musicians getting off their asses and doing what they love. On the other hand, you have venues not backing up the organisers who actually care and exploiting bands for all they’re worth. We can’t sit here and lie to ourselves by saying it’s all good because it’s not. Avoiding the problem and being delusional is only going to exacerbate true appreciation for music in the metal scene. We’ve been at this for years now, never really getting anything out of it except the joy of playing the stuff we love. It’s all about perspective really.

What advice do you have for young musicians and bands that want to release and perform their own music?

Advice?! Where!? Please let us know if you have any… 

Any closing words for Metality’s readers? You’ll talk to us more about each song in an upcoming track-by-track piece, right?

Life is shit; music helps.
Absolutely! Very much looking forward to breaking it all down once everyone has had time to perceive the songs their own way.

Thanks for your time, guys!

It’s been our absolute pleasure. 

You can find Alpha.Kenny.Buddy on Facebook here

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