Presenting itself as the first bi-annual metal festival in the region, Masters of the Middle East brings together a host of various bands for Egypt's metal fans on February 20th at 6:30 pm at the Amoun Hotel in Giza's Midan Sphinx. Bands on the bill include headliners Inquisition, the infamous American black metal band with their first show in the Middle East, as well as Egyptian-American extreme music act Nader Sadek, joined by death metal band Perversion (UAE), extreme metal band Smouldering in Forgotten (Bahrain), and melodic death metal group Al-Azif (Egypt).

This event is set to be a significant step for the Middle Eastern metal scene with such a fantastic lineup of brilliant bands, as well as shed light on the Middle East as a place for more international bands to come.

Metalheads, let's make this show a grand one to remember!

You can find the event page on Facebook here.

Below are some samples of the performing bands' music:

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