Damage Rite, a death-thrash act from Lebanon has been recently revived, and our managing editor Habib interviewed their vocalist and guitarist JM Elias.

Habib: It's good to have you with us, JM.

JM: It's good to be here!

So Damage Rite is revived! What can you tell us about the history of the band and its revival?

Damage Rite started back in 2003 under the name of Postmortem, and it was based in Lebanon.
We played quite a handful of shows under the name Postmortem before we had to change it.
The reason is pretty simple: there were many bands with that name, and as we were getting more serious about our music, it was only logical to change the name and have something original and representing our music.

What do you hope to accomplish with this revival?

I had the music written and and recorded since 2011, but for various reasons I was never able to mix it and master it, however, after teaming up with CTG Productions and Mohammad Bailouni (from Coat of Arms), I got the chance to move forward with the material, and that’s what I’m doing.
At this point I just want the music to be out there, as I’ve had it for so long and with everything happening in the world around us, it makes perfect sense to me, and I hope people can relate to it as well.

Can we have an idea about the upcoming releases or possible live shows?

There is nothing planned at the moment in terms of live shows, yet we’ve been releasing small teaser videos on our Facebook page showcasing bits and pieces here and there.
We will be announcing the release date very soon, and hopefully get a couple of live shows lined up for the year.

If someone has no idea about your band or what they play, how would you describe it to them with just a few words?

It’s angry, fast and aggressive.

Any words for the readers of Metality?

Metality has been continuously supporting the metal scene in the region, and for that, I say thank you for your hard work, and as for the readers, wait for it and keep supporting your local acts!

Thank you for being with us, JM. We’re looking forward to what Damage Rite has in store! We wish you the best of luck! 

You can find Damage Rite on Facebook here, and a new live guitar tracking video of "The Dehumanizing Factor" here.

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