Album: Prepare To Die (EP)
Artist: Tyranny Rising
Label: Self-released
Release Date: July 10, 2016
Reviewer: Kareem Chehayeb

Dubai’s young death-metallers Tyranny Rising have put out a killer debut EP which has certainly raised the bar in a scene that has been relatively quiet lately. The band consists of Borna Fana on vocals, Bassel Fahel and Marco Ferrer on guitar, Franz Cabrera on bass, and Raymond Ferrer. Prepare To Die was recorded at Dubai’s Haven Studio and produced by Hadi Sarieddine.

Tyranny Rising’s debut EP brings together the best across the extreme metal subgenre. The opening track, Go For The Throat is a catchy and raw opener that is guaranteed to open up a moshpit at any venue. It brings the best out of your favorite death metal and thrash songs with a modern twist; think of (successful) supergroups like Bloodbath and Witchery.

But that doesn’t mean that Prepare To Die is nostalgia-inducing casual listen. On the contrary, the rest of the album reveals a wide variety of influences from more modern bands, such as Job For A Cowboy, The Black Dahlia Murder, and more. Closing track Venture brings out that diversity, and it also brings out the awesome vocal range of Borna, who isn’t shy to add some low growls and screams to his usual mid-range voice. I love the lead work I heard on Venture as well, so I hope to see and Bassel and Marco venturing higher up on their fretboards.

Overall, Prepare To Die is a great listen. These guys are talented, and have tons of potential. Each song comes with its own unique identity, but has enough in common to fit well together in this EP. Tyranny Rising are still a young band, so we’ll see where their sound goes with future releases, but this is clearly a promising sign. It’s certainly a nice change from what I believe has been a generally lackluster period in the Middle East and North Africa’s extreme metal scene.

Prepare To Die is available for free or “pay as you like” on Tyranny Rising’s Bandcamp page.

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