In anticipation of JoScene's upcoming event Metal Mania II at The Music Room, featuring Germany's Steel Engraved, as well as local acts Alpha.Kenny.Buddy (AKB), Voice of the Soul, and Ascendant, Metality's editor-in-chief Kareem C interviewed AKB's bassist Ali Square.

1. Hey Ali! How’s it going? Tell us about how things have been going since Violent Asymmetry has been released?

Hello there! Things have been great in the UAE music scene. Lot of great bands with great music and we are happy to be a part of it.
We have got a lot of positive feedback and support from our friends and few fans from outside the UAE, and a majority of them are so happy that we brought back NuMetal music back to life.

2. What makes Violent Asymmetry different than your self-titled release, which came out about two years ago?

Well the production is top notch thanks to Hadi Sarieddine at Haven studio. As our producer, Hadi knew what we were looking for and captured the sound and the vibes of AKB. Plus the songs are groovier and more energetic!

3. What’s your favorite song off Violent Asymmetry, and why? 

My favorite song from our album is Dropping Dead Weights. Because it has the old school NuMetal feel, and we simply enjoyed jamming the song in the rehearsals. Great song to headbang to!

4. You guys are prepping up for Metal Mania II alongside Steel Engraved from Germany, Voice of the Soul, and Ascendant. How stoked are you guys?

I’m sure the guys are super stoked. They are happy that JoScene gave them the opportunity to showcase their songs in such a great night alongside some of the greatest metal bands in the region. Most of all, I’m personally super excited to see Voice of the Soul after a long time being absent from the scene and of course Ascendant with their classic heavy metal tunes and great melodic stuff!

5. Tell us about one of the funniest or most embarrassing moment’s AKB experienced while performing live.

I have great memories with the guys and every moment was great and amusing, but the funniest moment was when Salman the guitarist fell off the stage at our second gig back in 2011. It’s still a funny memory to this date between us and our friends (laughs).

6. Let’s be honest here. You’re an awesome bassist. What’s the biggest mistake beginner bassists make when trying to learn or master their instrument?

Honestly speaking, and I’m not trying to be humble or anything, there is so much to it that I need to learn and I still consider myself as a beginner musician. But there are few things that I have learned from greater bass players in the region and YouTube videos and a little bit of my own personal experience, which are:

A- The tone of your bass guitar is very important, besides skills and techniques.

B- Feel the music that you play and express your emotions and energy live on stage!

7. I’m not going to take up any more of your time. Any final words for Metality’s readers and those in Dubai before Metal Mania II? 

Again, I’m super stoked for Metal Mania II; it is going to be a great night for all the music lovers. Thank you so much for this interview. My last words would be...just shut up and play louder and faster goddamn it!

For a taste of AKB's tunes, here's their music video for their song "Dropping Dead Weights".

Don't miss out on AKB and other awesome bands at JoScene's Metal Mania II.

You can find Alpha.Kenny.Buddy on Facebook here.
JoScene's Metal Mania II event is on Facebook here

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