In anticipation of their March 8 performance dubbed "The Resurrection" with their new line-up and opening act FreeFall at the Quadrangle in Hazmieh, Lebanon, our managing editor Habib T interviewed Lebanese heavy metal band Aces High's lead Guitarist Omar Jauhari.

Habib: How did the band come together?
Omar: Nizar Masri and I had formed the band about a year ago, experiencing many line-up changes while performing with different people at almost every show. Our band was on a break for a few months during summer before finishing up its new line up sometime around late December. Hrag Meguerdichian (Vocals) and Joseph Abi Rached (Bass) joined the band along with its original members Omar Jauhari (Lead guitar), Joseph "Dave" Sadek (Rhythm guitar), and Nizar Masri (Drums). Our new line-up has really set the bar, with a heavier and more engaging sound.

What inspired you to make this band?

Our passion and love for the genre of Heavy Metal and the fun of jamming and performing together inspired us to make this band happen. 

Are you working on any originals?

Yes! We have 5 originals written and done, and we will be playing 3 of them at the show we're headlining on the 8th of March at the Quadrangle.

What can the audience expect at your gig on March 8th?

We want our audience to have the night of their lives! Our aim is to have everyone enjoy our heavy and melodic riffs, intense drum beats, and powerful vocals. We will make sure everyone is not going to be able to stop headbanging and singing along with us to our covers and originals. We love to communicate with our audience and headbang with them to our impending breakdowns.

Name your top 5 favorite bands and tell us how they influenced your music.

Our top 5 favourite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, and Pantera. We love to have a variety in our taste in music, and it influences us to play songs from different subgenres in the Metal.

Do you have any interesting/fun routines you do before a live performance as a band?

Well considering this is the new line-up's first show, there aren't any certain routines we have before a performance at the moment. Although, whenever a show is close by such as the one at Quadrangle, the whole band meets up to have a meal at my house before the show since I (Omar) live right next to the venue.

Any words for the readers of Metality?
We want to thank the readers of Metality for giving us the opportunity for this interview, and we hope to see you at the show this Wednesday headbanging with us!

You can find the event page on Facebook here.

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