Amon Amarth - Twilight Of The Thunder God [Review]

"Debuted at #50 on the billboard 200
and is the seventh studio album by the Swedish melodic death metal band Amon Amarth."

Released :September 17, 2008

Amon Amarth are one of the best bands when it comes to creativity along with consistency
They are unpredictable in their own ways, their unique viking themed death metal along with their imagery gives them so much credit, this album will surely break new grounds
the follow up to "With Oden On Our Side" was an album anticipated by alot !

Personally I was very curious as to what will they be doing next, and how will they be approaching their song writing, the album is their classic NWOBHM/brutalized Viking Death Metal song formulas with a fresh crushing approach ! with tracks like "Varyags of Miklagaraard" and "Free Will Sacrifice" proving their blend is pure power filled genius !

"Twilight of The Thunder God" destroys all that's in its way, the album is 10 tracks of pure Amon Amarth filled brutality,

Tracks like "Guardians Of Asgaard" show a new side of Amon Amarth by introducing guest musicians on the album, LG Petrov of Entomed demolishes the track along with Johan,

While Apocalyptica play their cellos to accompany Amon Amarth on "Live For The Kill"

Roope Latvala of Children of Bodom pops up on the album's title track to lay one hell of a sweet solo !

Tracks like "Embrace Of The Endless Ocean" will dare you not to head bang instantly with the opening riff, through out the whole song.

"No Fear For The Setting Sun" shows off the band's power !
everything about the song screams out Metal !!!

In conclusion the album is another brutally executed release by these Vikiing Death Metal Veterans from Sweden,
Johan Hegg's growls sound monstrous on the album,
While Johan Söderberg and Olavi Mikkonen's twin guitar harmonies are melodic masterpieces
and Fredrik Andersson's pulverising druming with Ted Lundstrom's bass lines to tie it all together
produces another work of art by these Viking Warriors

If your a fan of melodic riffing with brutal vocals to cover it and pounding drums
this album is a must for you

I give "Twilight Of The Thunder God" a 8.5/10

Check out the band's latest video for the title track "Twilight Of The Thunder God" from the new album

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