"A Word" With AJ from Mutiny Within !

Mutiny Within is RoadRunnerRecords latest secret weapon the band hails from New Jersey and have a very unique sound, its like the technicality of Symphony X meets Soilwork's melodies
The band is currently working on their debut for RoadRunner
Check out their Myspace for a taste of whats going to completely crush you soon, I wanted to know more about this very promosing band from Jersey and got the chance to ask AJ (bass) about signing with RoadRunner, Chris joining the band, their VERY diverse sound and more..
Heres how it went:

Hows everything going lately with Mutiny Within ?

AJ: Things are going great, thank you! We have a handful of songs that are ready to take to Jason Suecof's studio in December and we plan to keep writing more music until then. We're also rehearsing for our upcoming shows.

TMR: You guys signed with RoadRunner, how are you liking it so far ?

It's been fantastic. There are no limits as to what we can accomplish, being on this label. Everyone has been so helpful and they're excited to work on our debut record. But believe me, nobody is more excited than us!

TMR: How did you guys get to ink a deal with RoadRunnerRecords ?

AJ: In March of '07, we played a show with 3 Inches Of Blood in New Jersey. Mike Gitter (Roadrunner A&R) was there scouting the opening bands. He liked us, gave me his card, and that was the start of it. For the next year, he came to every show and listened to every new song that we did. In April of '08, he felt that we were finally ready to play for the label. RR hooked up this private showcase in NYC, we played 5 songs, and the next day I got a text message from Mike saying, "You're getting a record deal. I'll call you later."

TMR: Which bands are you currently listening to ?

I can't speak for everyone in the band, but I currently have the new "All That Remains" and "Trivium" records in my stereo. I'm also blasting the new "Slipknot". However, I always keep my favorite albums in rotation - Soilwork's "Stabbing The Drama", Necrophagist's "Epitaph", The Used's "Lies For The Liars", and Sikth's "The Trees Are Dead and Dried Out Wait For Something Wild".

TMR: You guys have a very diverse sound, can you tell us a bit about it ?

AJ: We all listen to as much music as we can, no matter what the genre. Often, pop music will prove to be very effective with its arrangements. However, death metal will always remind us to keep the speed up and the riffs complex. Mozart had a brilliant way with melody, Lamb Of God keep their rhythms fresh, and Freddy Mercury is Chris' biggest influence. We hope that by incorporating all of this, our music will offer something for everybody.

TMR: Can you tell us a bit about your musical background ?

AJ: I can't speak for everyone in the band, as we all have our own stories. But I started out playing bass and singing for a punk band in middle school. Then in high school, I bought my first metal album - Children Of Bodom's "Hatebreeder". Haha, I know, it's not a traditional 1st metal album to hear. Incidentally, that's how Mutiny started. We covered Children Of Bodom songs. Anyway, I've never had any formal training.

TMR: Chris is originaly from the UK, did he move to Jersey to join the band ?

Yes. He was our very first audition for vocalist. We saw a video on Youtube. com of him recording vocals for his previous band, With Intent. I sent him a message and asked if he would write and record vocals for one of our songs. Once he did, there was no question that he was the guy for the job. 4 more songs were completed through e-mail, he hopped on a plane, and we haven't looked back since.

TMR: Any plans for shooting a video ?

AJ: Once our album is finished, I'm quite sure we'll get to make a couple of videos, but no plans as of yet.

TMR: You excited about working with Jason Suecof ?

AJ: Couldn't be more excited. He's a great producer and we all feel very comfortable with him behind the boards. I've only heard good things about him.

TMR: What advice would you have for a band just starting out in today's metal scene ?

AJ: Great question! The best advice that I can give is to concentrate on writing and recording great songs. If a band can do that, everything else will fall into place. A great live show takes a long time to develop, getting a great label on board also takes time, but if you've got the songs and the drive, you'll be alright with it all. Simple.

"Mutiny Within
: We appreciate you doing this interview with us and we're honored you asked us."

Thank you guys so much for being so frigging kick ass !
and for taking the time to answer my questions
The honor is all mine !

Dont Forget to check out Mutiny Within's Official Myspace
I promise you'll be blown away !

Here's a video introduction to the band (taken from their Official Myspace)




  1. I can personally vouch for this kids natural musical brilliance. The "Wizard of Oz", you might say.

  2. i have been listening to these guys for a long while now and their music always gets better if thats possible.. these guys rock and i cant wait for the new CD and new music!

  3. i have been listening to these guys for a long while now and their music always gets better if thats possible.. these guys rock and i cant wait for the new CD and new music!