"A Word" With Asylum !!

Asylum is the brainchild of Markus Johansson (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars) and Johnny Rox (Bass Guitar) the band's debut album (yet to be released) has a very impressive guest line up on it, including some of heavy metal's most popular names: Kevin Talley (Daath, Chimaira), second lead guitarist Larry Tarnowski (Iced Earth) Gene Hoglan (Dethklok, Strapping Young Lad, Death). Brendon Small (Dethklok), the man behind 'Metalocalypse' on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, "The Heathen"(Zimmers Hole) Dave "Shred Demon" Shankle (Manowar, DSG), Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, Death), Michael Angelo Batio (MAB), Roland Grapow (Helloween, Masterplan), and Bill Hudson (Powerquest, Coldera, Cellador). and alot more !

Got the chance to have "A Word" with Markus and Johnny about the new album,working with "Dethklok", touring and alot more
Heres how it went:

Horns: How did you guys end up collaborating with Dethklok ?

Rox: One in a million opportunity, the stars were basically aligned that day. The owner of the studio we were recording at mentioned the name Gene Hoglan
one day as we were recording, and said another studio client brought him to Chicago for personal lessons. So after looking at each other and not having to say one word, Markus and I convinced the owner to help us set up a meeting and see if he'd be interested in recording a bonus track on our album. Gene dug the idea after listening to some of our stuff, and with one quick phone call, Brendon was aboard for the solo. It happened so quick, a week later we were wondering the fuck just happened after having just tracked the drums for Van Halen's 'Get Up' with Gene. I'll never forget that week tracking drums and hanging at the Cryptopsy show with him in town, but we seized the opportunity and realized the sky's the limit from then on out. Brutal!

Horns: Are you guys gonna shoot a video for your debut album ?

Johansson: Ideally, once a record label gets involved (at least I hope), there are at least three "singles" that I have a lot of ideas for potential videos. It would be great to make 'em all, but one will still be more than sufficient.

Horns: You guys are planning on going on tour would they're be guest appearances at some shows too ?

Johansson: We'd love to have that happen, but we know that with everyone having their own touring and recording schedules, that we cannot really guarantee anything. That being said, there are some great possibilities being tossed around in the event of a tour...just like with the videos, we'll just have to wait and see what our options are at that time!

Horns: Beer Or Liquor before a show ?

Rox: Honestly, with the speed and technicality of this music, boozing before shows doesn't work. Did you read the roster of players, it's not exactly Conway Twitty tempo's! But beers for me after shows for sure, who am I to turn down a cold, frosty beverage after a long set of beating the shit outta my bass!

Johansson: I really don't drink at all anymore, but I wouldn't be up for anything before a show. I feel that I need to be as 'aware' as possible, because when you're sweep picking and singing a separate melody over it, there's not really much room for error. Haha.

Horns: What was the funniest encounter recording with all these crazy musicians (you cant tell me The Heathen for example was down to earth for, something must've went down) ?

Rox: We each live in various countries of the world, so alot of tracking has been done by sending back and forth files across continents. But out of our studio experience on this record, I'd have to say the week Kevin Talley stayed at my condo while we tracked drums back in May of 2006. We'd wake up around 10 after hitting the bar, hit up Dunkin Donuts, then hurry to the studio while calling Makus and making up some excuse that we couldn't make it to the studio that day. He'd shit thinking we got too fucked up, which we almost did every night, but we'd get there and he'd put in a full day of just insane drumming. Then we'd call it a day, and go straight to the bar behind my place, and drink till closing as fast as we could. We nearly got blacklisted from the bar after getting thrown out one night, and I always got weird looks from then on out whenever I went in there. But in the end, he killed it and immeditely was off to South America for vacation afterwards.

Johansson: On a few separate occassions throughout this recording process, in both Chicago and Los Angeles, I've been out on the town with some of the guys, and had people come up to me and say "Is that so and so?!?!" It's pretty awesome to stand there and go "Yes, yes it is." Nobody knows who I am though, ha! But at one point prior to recording with Gene, word had gotten around the Chicago area that he was in town, and rumored to be recording as well. I was out with Larry Tarnowski and one of his friends said something along the lines of "Hoglan's in town, and he's supposed to be recording with someone, but I have no clue who it could be!" At that point Larry raised his hand, and pointed across the table at me...and the rest of the group shared a moment of shock. It was just such a great moment for me, because it made me realize just how fortunate I was to be in that situation!

I'd like to thank Markus and Johnny for being so FRIGGING AWESOME !!!

Keep an eye out for their debut album which will Kick Your Ass left and right !

Check out some of the awesome tunes on the album at Asylum's Myspace !!

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  1. This album is finally going to see a release this year, and the guest list has grown a bit. If you'd like to do a possible follow up to this, reply with an email address and we can go from there. 

    I remember this interview, good times. Thanks.  :)