"A Word" With Jude and Khalid from Breeze Of The Dying !

Breeze Of The Dying are a double fronted brutal deathcore force from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The band started out as a Melodic Death Metal band but later on decided to adopt a more death metal/hardcore sound.
Breeze Of The Dying are currently busy at work with gigs and recordings, but where cool enough to answer a few questions about whats going on lately with the band, shooting a video, the new Metallica, and more.

Here's how it went:

Horns: You guys have an upcoming show,you plan on playing any brand new material?

Jude & Khaled: Yes a new song titled 1R2K "One Reason To Kill", and our upcoming released song "This City Burns".

Are you planing on shooting a video?

Jude & Khaled:
Well yeah, but we're kind of confused on which song to choose. Maybe from our upcoming EP album, we might choose "Enter Virus". So, yeaaah.

Your band started out as a Melodic Death Metal band, then later on switched to Deathcore can you describe your sound?

Jude & Khaled:
Well, we'v been through ups and down on the genre situation. But finally we're between Technical Death / Deathcore. We can describe our sound like A DYING HUMAN'S FART. haha.

Horns: What bands are you currently listening to?

Jude & Khaled:
Ah tricky question, umm Born Of Osiris, Cryptopsy, Necrophagist, Veil Of Maya, and The Faceless.

Did you listen to the new Metallica ? if so how much do you hate it?

Jude & Khaled:
Well to me "Jude" it kinda of reminded me of the era which was between the Black and Load albums. Its good but didnt give it that much attention although their in my hole of fame haha. Khaled, I didnt like it.

I'd like to thank Jude and Khalid for taking the time to send me feedback!

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  1. I got the chance to know Jude for a little bit through the internet, as he is planning to attend the next Metal Accord (IX Halloween Night)in Cairo.

    Breeze of the Dying might also be playing live in Egypt very soon!