"A Word" With Daniel Freyberg from Naildown

Naildown is a Melodic Death metal band hailing from Finland, they where originally founded under the name Acid Universe in 2003 but later on changed their name, they are currently signed to Spinefarm records which they have released two full length albums on so far "World Domination" [2005] and "Dreamcrusher" [2007]

The band is famous for their perfectly timed use of keyboards as well as Daniel Freyberg's (vocals/lead guitarist) perfect transition between clean singing and screaming. They are often called "Children Of Bodom meets Soilwork" if thats the case, then these guys blend the aforementioned bands sound in their own way.

They have shared the stage with bands like Ensiferum, Suidakra, Amoral, Norther, and Amorphis just to name a few and are currently writing material for an upcoming album.

I got the chance to catch up with Daniel the band's Frontman and ask him about the upcoming release, his favorite band's to tour with, and to learn that he had something very important concerning the band's future to mention for the band's fans out there and more...
Heres how it went:

TMR: Hows everything going on lately with Naildown ?

Daniel: Things are running quite smoothly despite the fact that our drummer left the band for personal reasons. We are in the middle of songwriting/pre-production process for our next album and It has kept us quite busy even we had a quite long break with the shows. We wanted to keep al little break since we really want to concentrate to these new songs. And we already have a really promising candidate to replace Janne but more information will follow soon in our website.
So far so good!

TMR: You guys have had an issue with your Keyboard spot, did you guys find someone to fill it ?

Daniel: We received several applications but so far it looks like we are gonna make the keyboards to new album by ourselves. I'm actually 70% done with keys, since at the same time I recorded demos in my tiny homestudio, I added the keys for those songs. It was and still is very time-consuming but I'm so happy with how the keys turned up. I have used more massive-layered sounds than before and even a little some Piano-stuff. There are probably more keys than our previous albums and they sound Phenomenal. So there is no need to re-record already existing keyboard-tracks in the studio, we just transfer the files there.

This isn't actually a new situation for us cause I did some keys starting from our early demos to Dreamcrusher so I feel pretty comfortable doing keys since I have a clear vision for the sounds and how I want those to come out. Actually It would be really hard to separate keyboard-work from the songwriting process since they have so much affect to songs and sometimes I even start from keys. We're gonna look new player after we finish recordings.

TMR: Any plans for a future release ?

Daniel: Well, like I said we are preparing for the studio. So far we have Six 95% complete songs, couple more basic structures and lot of riffs. The bar has set to really high. There is still lot to do but we hope to start recordings by the end of this year or early 2009. So probably it will hit the stores in after mid-2009 but yet any dead-lines hasn't been set. The new material has turned out to be a little progressive and more tricky than Dreamcrusher and there are more lengthy songs as well. I'm sure that if people liked World Domination or Dreamcrusher, they're gonna love the new stuff! Despite the several member loss we had, new songs still have that recognizable "Naildown-character"

TMR: What about releasing a DVD ?

Daniel: I think it's too early to expect DVD from us in near future but that is something we really wanna do someday. We have already several tapes shooted footage in and off-stage. So if it's gonna happen someday there are plenty of material for it.

TMR: Who's your favorite band to tour with ?

Daniel: Well, European tour with Ensiferum in 2007 was really a blast and we got along more than well with them. Also we have done a few shows with Norther and always had a great time. But the very best band to tour with is Naildown, heh!

TMR: Which bands are you currently listening to ?

Daniel: Lately i have listened pretty various stuff, everything from Type O Negative to older Dimmu Borgir and even some movie-score which I have started to like. In the past I hated these orchestration-stuff but in the last couple years I have been more into it. Also the new Nightwish-album contains good songs as well the last Dissection-album, even it didn't beat my all time favorite Storm Of The Light's Bane. It's really sad that Dissection don't exist anymore. Of course I also checked the new Metallica and one album what really surprised me was the new Whitesnake, It just rocks!

TMR: Would you like to add anything ?

Daniel: I probably said all relevant things above so there is not much to add. Thanks to all our fans for the support, see ya soon.

I'd like to thank Daniel for taking the time to answer my questions
Cant wait till you guys rip apart my speakers with another album !

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