Limp Bizkit's Cover Art For Gold Cobra, Has Gold, A Cobra, And A Chick

As time closes in on the release date for Limp Bizkit's first album in 7 years, the band revealed the cover art for "Gold Cobra" out summer 2010, which will also be the first album to feature the original line up since 2000's "Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water."

The best thing I've heard from any member of the band, speaking about the release was Wes Borland's statement in a previous interview with Guitar Edge:
"I think that everyone who hated Limp Bizkit before will continue to hate Limp Bizkit. It's not like we, all of a sudden, grew up and started making smarter music. It's definitely a fun, party kind of vibe. It's a little bit like the old stuff, but with a little bit of maybe a Daft Punk vibe thrown in on some of it. There's big, huge riffs and hopefully catchy lyrics."

Limp Bizkit recently went on (the much lamer now, as if it was ever not lame, but still lamer) Tonight Show With Jay Leno to perform their hit single "Take A Look Around," that was originally on the Mission Impossible II soundtrack in 2000, but seems like its still the band's sure hitter with the audience, either that, or the new material sucks a yard full of home grown testicles ((O.o)) and they still don't want to play it live, or their label is whipping them, or they actually don't have any finished material, or they actually have vaginas, so many scenarios could be unfolding, that only Wes's bird wig could explain.

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