SLIPKNOT Will Not Look For Another Bassist

May was certainly a bad month for metal, with 3 big names passing away in the form of legendary front man Ronnie James Dio, and on the same day veteran band manager Debbie Abono who managed the likes of Sepultura, Cynic, Obituary, Exodux, as well as Rob Flyn and Phill Demmel's previous band Vio-lence (both are currently in Machine Head), among many others.

Then, a couple of weeks later... Paul Gray from Slipknot was found dead in a motel room in his hometown, Des Moines, Iowa (U.S.). Which was a complete shocker for me, as I found out the news late that night, and I thought for a second I needed to get sleep fast before I started seeing flying monkeys, but it was 100% legit, and it really sucked, being a Slipknot fan and specially being a die hard fan of their 1999 self titled masterpiece.

Right after the news broke out about Paul passing away, speculations started boiling up everywhere as to whether this is the end for the band or what would be the next logical step.

Any Slipknot diehard would know that Paul was a key element for the band, being one of the founders and main song writers for the masked metal heavyweights, writing some of their heaviest riffs, which makes the bands next step a very sensitive and important one for their future as a leading modern metal band.

Well the silence has been shattered by drummer Joey Jordison who is currently on tour with Rob Zombie.

Joey told Pulse of The Radio:
"There will be no other bass players besides Jim (Root, guitars), Mick (Thomson, guitars) and me, more than likely,"

"Everyone actually kind of plays guitar in the band, so I think we're all gonna play bass on the record. We're not gonna have anyone come in.

But live, we'll deal with that when it comes."

Other members of the band such as Corey Taylor, and Jim Root have only mentioned that it is too early to tell the band's future plans, as the next Slipknot album was originally planned for a 2012 release.

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