BareBones Music: Interview With CANNIBAL CORPSE

[PRESS RELEASE] recently sat down with Alex Webster (bass) and Paul Mazurkiewicz (drums) from CANNIBAL CORPSE. The guys talk about the release of their new guitar tab book, a first for the band, the upcoming Evisceration Plague Tour DVD to be released in February and the new full length studio record in early 2012. Alex and Paul also discuss the longevity of Cannibal Corpse, how their fans have now become generational, the ability to stick around all these years and being so close to their fan base. Also they talk about controversy and certain bans that their lyrics and artwork has created over the years in certain places in the world and the hypocrisy as compared to the popularity and acceptance of mainstream violent movies and video games and why music is treated differently. The guys discuss how the genre and heaviness of true death metal will never become mainstream but also how it is bigger than it ever has been before.

Alex and Paul talk about the nature of the worldwide cult of supporters of death metal and Cannibal Corpse which will continue to keep their music alive and could care less about fickle popular trends in music and culture. PLUS exclusive live performance footage from the band!

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