Metal Injection Posts 2010 Wrap Up Video Reel


This year was a big one for Metal Injection. Being the premiere online destination for video content related to heavy music, we were all over the map this year, covering the biggest events in metal including (but not limited to): the Revolver Golden Gods Awards, The NAMM Convention, South By Southwest, the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and Summer Slaughter. Besides covering those events, there have been countless interviews and live clips posted featuring some of the biggest and most relevant acts in extreme music today, featuring legends such as Danzig, Dave Mustaine, Lemmy of Motorhead, Zakk Wylde & Black Dahlia Murder as well as up-and-coming bands like Wormrot, Cloudkicker and Periphery.

We invite you to take a look back with us at 2010, with this video reel compilation of all our favorite moments from the copious amountsfr of original footage we have acquired this year. Watch the reel below (after the jump):

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