Introducing DEFILER

Last month, Sergeant D (probably one of the funniest heavy metal bloggers this planet crapped out) posted a great "tongue-in-cheek" article over on MetalSucks, about a new deathcore band called DEFILER.

I've been busy with a new project, that we'll be announcing very soon. And while I'm under a rock, finishing up work to reveal what we have in store. I thought I'd post a little random something, something, to keep you entertained.

First of all, DEFILER's main aim is to be heavy as fuck, and for a deathcore band, that usually means heavier breakdowns; which is the case here. Right off the bat, singer Jake Pelzl greets you with a "Fuck You!" followed by "I Wanna See You Cry, Bitch...O!" and then BAM! Breakdown. The band has potential, lots of it. Apart from their 1-2 chord riffing, "Lifecore" genre claiming, and boy-band lyrics toppled with teenage angst; they certainly have potential. Jake Pelzl really hits the guttural spot, and seems like a highly energetic front man. I'm not sure what that prostitute did to him, but she really pissed him off, and got him crabcoring all over the place.

[Fan-made photo taken from official DEFILER Facebook page]

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