DISTURB THE BALANCE Offer New EP For Free Download

Saudi Arabia's alternative rockers DISTURB THE BALANCE have made their latest EP "Revelation" available for free download/streaming on their official Youtube channel. The EP includes 4 new original tracks featuring the band's wide variety of influences.

Revelation is for fans of alternative rock influenced by modern metal. The EP is filled with melody and catchy choruses all around; managing to blend Arabic lyrics into songs like "Me & You" that also features a duet with female singer Amal. Songs like "Monster" and "Mirror" also show off the band's aggressive roots.

Listen to the entire EP below or via Doritos Arabia, and then visit Disturb The Balance on Facebook.
[Ed note: First 20 seconds on each track is an intro by the EP's sponsors Doritos Arabia]

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  1. Disturb The BalanceMay 24, 2011 at 4:40 AM

    Thats Really Amazing Of You Thanks A Lot :)