REVOCATION Are Back To F' You Up!

It's finally happening! REVOCATION are about to lay down one of the year's heaviest records! The band is currently streaming their latest song "Cradle Robbers" taken from their upcoming album "Chaos of Forms," out August 16th on Relapse Records. I'm going to safely say that "Chaos of Forms" will be a record of multiple intense playback proportions.

2009's "Existence Is Futile" still beats the living shit out of me every time I decide to go for an ass whooping. Revocation's jazz fused influences are just so over the top, it makes everything about them so "punch you in the face" good.

So without further ado. Visit REVOCATION on Facebook to stream "Cradle Robbers."

[Thanks to our brother in metal Paul Williams from Streaming Chaos for giving us a heads up!]

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