Thoughts On The Pre-Production Version of The New Faceless Song

Last week, our friends over at NO CLEAN SINGING broke the news about a pre-production version of a new song from one of metal's favorite tech-death bands THE FACELESS, titled "The Eidolon Reality."

Here's the thing. THE FACELESS for long have been managing to bring the best of two worlds. Technical metal and modern metal with no comprise; crafting extremely complex yet highly memorable compositions. I never thought to myself "Man, if only this part had clean vocals on it!" or "Dude, these guys are all guitar wankers, they're not artisticful enough" (I just made up that word). Because they definitely don't need the dead weight. And that's it! The clean parts on "The Eidolon Reality" is nothing but dead weight. (Much like on Coldly Calculated Design)

The first time I heard the track, I was all sorts of excited. I rushed to streaming without a split second of hesitation. And I was loving it! 45 seconds into the song, I was pale as a ghost. Those Cynic-like vocals have jumped in again and infested what was once a balls hanging heavy band.

I like everything about this track except for the clean parts. I'm not being an elitist douche bag. But THE FACELESS never needed clean vocals. Nor does it really fit with their brutally technical sound.

Hopefully the record won't be filled with much of it. I'd rather hear the robo-like vocals that were present on Planetary Duality's opening track "Prison Born" than hear the Cynic worship cleans.

All in all, THE FACELESS have a new record on the way. Can't really complain about that!

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