UNEARTH Release New Song. And It's A Mammoth!

Last night, one of my favorite if not favorite metalcore brain drillers. UNEARTH! Posted a new song from their upcoming album "Darkness in The Light."

I've been seriously dying for a new record from these fine gentlemen for a very long time. Been bugging their camp about it for a while now, and it's finally on the way!

Stream "Eyes of Black" below, then mark your calenders. July 5th is the day when "Darkness In The Light" brings the heavy onto the world! Click here to pre-order this beast!

Track listing for "Darkness in The Light" is as follows:

  1. Watch It Burn
  2. Ruination Of The Lost
  3. Shadows In The Light
  4. Eyes Of Black
  5. Last Wish
  6. Arise The War Cry
  7. Equinox
  8. Coming Of The Dark
  9. The Fallen
  10. Overcome
  11. Disillusion

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