The music industry bites another one. Over last year we've learned that more and more international labels have been closing down and laying off a huge number of key execs in the international metal industry. Roadrunner Records even surprised absolutely everyone in-the-know when they let go of Monte Conner, the man behind signing acts such as; Machine Head, Cynic, Chimaira, Death, Deicide, Type O Negative, Trivium, Slipknot, Sepultura, Gojira and many more. Yet, with the current state the music industry is in, somehow Monte and RR decided to split (due to a buyout by Warner Music).
Just a few days ago, Hydra Head Records (founded in 1993) announced it was also shutting down.

Now, it comes with great surprise and devastation that I report the news that the UAE's (and probably the Middle Eastern Arab region's only) heavy metal record label, Spellbind Records, has announced that they will be closing down.

The official statement from the label is as follows:

"It's with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that Spellbind Records will be shutting down operations in the Middle East. We've looked at various avenues to carry on supporting bands on the label and putting on shows for everybody but as we all know the Middle East can be a difficult place to stay afloat especially when your business pertains to the entertainments and music industry.

We want to wish all the bands on the label the best of luck and hope they continue to grow musically and develop larger fan bases all over the world to show people that the Middle East has just as happening a music scene as any other region of the world. Nervecell, Absolace, Demonic Resurrection, and Benevolent - despite being at different stages of their musical career, and being in different genres of music - will continue creating waves with in the Middle East and the rest of the world with out us, yet we will continue to support them as individuals rather than as a record label, we can only hope that everybody else in the scene continues to support our local and regional bands, come out to the shows and buy original music.

Both Absolace and Nervecell still have a lot of merch left and you can get a hold of it on their respective sites.

Absolace's site - http://www.absolace.com/

Nervecell's site - http://www.nervecell.net/

Remember you can also pick up Benevolent's 'Divided' EP on their bandcamp page for FREE. They will be coming out with their debut full length soon so keep your eyes peeled - http://benevolent.bandcamp.com/

Also, for all those Demonic Resurrection fans, there is going to be a new DR album coming soon and more shows so check out their site here - http://www.demonicresurrection.in/

Of course, all these bands have Facebook so be sure to check for their tags on this post.

Thank you!"

It's truly unfortunate to see such things happen over and over, and it takes a toll on supporters of the region's scene. I remember when CSM announced that they'll be shutting down work in the middle east; a little part of me died with the news, and another part just died today... Spellbind Records gave us all hope that the scene in the middle east will pick up the pace and expand; during the label's run they've managed to bring-in to UAE shores excellent international metal acts such as: Obscura and Hate Eternal. But bringing these internationally renowned acts means fans should pack up the venue, and unfortunately in the middle east we complain about not having any shows around, but when an international act manages to roll into town, somehow the venue is at times at half capacity.

I'd like to thank Spellbind Records for their tremendous efforts in expanding the UAE and Middle Eastern metal scene, and wish everyone at the label the best at their future endeavors.

Support your local scene!

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