Find Out How You Can Listen To Another New Song From STILL REMAINS

STILL REMAINS are currently running a kickstarter campaign to seek fans support to finance the band's next studio album.

One of the killer perks you can obtain is a BRAND NEW song taken from the upcoming album, titled "Checkmate."

I proudly backed the campaign to get a taste of new SR (and paid over minimum to show my support), since I've been a fan of the band for a long time. Also the song does not disappoint! It's a perfect taste and reminder for all fans to get excited over the new record, filled with thrash riffs and monstrous grooves, it's a classic Still Remains banger!

The campaign has a ton of killer perks to win for your support; hell there's even a perk that will give you the chance to have Still Remains perform in your garage or where ever you want!

Support the band by backing their kickstarter campaign today (click here!)


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