This is part 2 of 6 of our interview series with the bands competing at the 2013 Holy Noise Battle of the Bands at Club Ratsky in Dubai this on August 16th, 2013. 6 bands from the United Arab Emirates are competing to win a show in India.  If you haven't checked out the first part of this interview series with Nightmare Overdose, then click here!

Metality spoke with Mohammad Sawan, founder and guitarist of Obselion from Abu Dhabi.  We discussed their debut EP, The Calm Fire, which is available on Bandcamp, among other things related to the band

Hey Mohammad, how's it going? 

Hi Kareem! It's all good, thanks!

So Obselion has been around for a while and has played many shows, but can you give us a brief history of Obselion?

Abu Dhabi-born Mohammed Sawan is the founder of post-hardcore band Obselion, which was formed in February 2011 in Abu Dhabi.
Sawan composed loads of tunes and tabbed them on Guitar Pro, these include guitars,bass,drums and some keys and once he had a good set of songs for a live performance, he hunted for the right four members to take Obselion to the stage.

Obselion's latest EP, "The Calm Fire", was recently released on Bandcamp. Tell us some more about it. What are your songs about?

"The Calm Fire" contains 6 tracks and is
23 minutes long. Two of the tracks are instrumentals, a mix of dubstep and post rock. And the other four tracks are just pure face-melting metal-core.
"The Calm Fire" EP I would say it's more of a personal story and the things I've seen in the UAE.
For example "The Oppressed" the second song in the EP.
It's about the oppression that happened to those construction workers. I heard that they didn't get paid for 3 months and they get paid really low amount of money. And they are all going after their rights and the money just to help their families abroad and support their poor kids.
A line from "The Oppressed"
"They will have what they need just in time".

3) You guys have recently competed at another Battle of the Bands, and won. What can we expect at an Obselion show, for those who haven't checked you guys out yet? 

Expect the unexpected. I love to surprise people.
If you really wanna enjoy the show and feel the music I suggest you to have a listen to our songs and memorize the words it's all available on our Bandcamp
There is a lot of sing along lines and chants. Memorize these and I promise you to have an incredible show.
4) Can we expect any new Obselion releases anytime in the near future?

This might take a while. Because currently I am taking my time and experimenting new things in my music composition. 

5) Do you guys have any pre-show traditions or rituals?

Nothing special really. We usually just share the page event and tell all of our friends and families to come to the show and have fun. Oh yeah, and we jam and jam and practice!

6) Any last words for Metality's readers?
I said that in a previous interview and I will say it again.
A line from my song "Dear Dreamer" says" 'I Will never give up on my dreams. And I swear from what I feel, someday it will be real". 
Just keep on believing in what you love and hold on to it, and someday it will be real. 
"Believe, and achieve your dreams"
Just listen to that song "Dear Dreamer" if ever you felt your whole world is crashing down and nobody is motivating you and supporting you in what you love. I am sure you would relate to this song and it will give you a push to go up and keep going.
Stay away from negative thoughts and negative people. Surround yourself with people who appreciates you and appreciates what you have and love what you do. 
Practice makes perfection.
I would like to thank you all for this opportunity and this interesting interview.
And I hope to see you all on our coming two gigs on both August 9 and 16. For more details about the gig please follow this link to our page
With love,
Obselion. (Sawan)

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