From left to right: Brett Caldas-Lima, Jens Bogren, Jassem

Kuwait's melodic death-metallers, Divine Disorder have been working hard on completing their debut full-length. Bassist and founding member, Jassem, recently returned from Sweden, where he met with the legendary Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios. "

"Taking the album to Fascination Street Studios was by far an unforgettable experience. Being in a top-notch studio gives you the comfort of knowing that your album, your baby, will be handled in the best way possible. Jens Bogren did his magic, and we couldn't be more satisfied with the end result," said Jassem. 

Bogren commented on his experience with Divine Disorder, saying "Working with Divine Disorder was a very cool experience for me, and I was impressed by the complexity and quality of the material for a yet unknown band. I believe people are gonna be blown away by this stuff. And I hope to hear more great bands from the Middle East in the future!"

Brett Caldas-Lima from Tower Studio in France will be mastering the album, and is excited to share the final product with their listeners, "I have been a privileged witness and actor of the finalisation of Divine Disorder's dubet (inside joke) album, and it's easy for me to say that not only is this album one of the very best I've worked on, but it's also probably one made by the most dedicated people on the metal scene. Very few other people would have come to such length to create this music in this area of the world and the environment they live in. Even less people would have been able to find the strength to fight and continue the journey if they had to face only half the problems and dramas this band had in the realisation of this album. And all of this not to become rich or famous, but just to be proud and artistically achieved. It's been a real honour."

We at Metality are looking forward to see how the album sounds. For now, check out their two previously released singles, including Children of Menace featuring a guest guitar solo by Nile's Karl Sanders.

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