Alissa White-Gluz (ex-The Agonist) has replaced Angela Gossow, not long after Nick Cordle (ex-Arsis) replaced Chris Amott 
Holy fucking shit, I didn't see that one coming. Angela Gossow has indeed left Arch Enemy, since joining the Swedish melodic death metal band back in 2000. After recording five albums with the band, she realized it was time to go, mostly to continue and focus on her band management. According to an official statement by Arch Enemy, she is still the band's "business manager". Read Gossow's full statement here.

They've already found a replacement: Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist. Just like Nick Cordle left Arsis after joining Arch Enemy to replace Chris Amott, she left The Agonist as well.

To be honest, I don't really get the whole "No Angela, no Arch Enemy" stuff some of the fans have been talking about. Arch Enemy to me was always about Michael Amott, who is the primary song-writer for the band. I found Angela's vocals as of late to be losing its edge, and you can probably notice it in the way they've been produced in their latter material, especially Khaos Legions. That said, Gossow's impact on the metal scene is massive, and even though we all hate to see her go, she's left a great legacy.

Angela Gossow will be focusing on band management.

While The Agonist aren't exactly like Arch Enemy, I couldn't imagine a better replacement...though it would be weird to hear Arch Enemy with clean vocals which White-Fluz resorts to sometimes.

The Agonist have already replaced White-Gluz with Greek vocalist Vicky Psarkis. Who? I have no idea, but I'm definitely looking forward to checking her out with The Agonist. I always found them to be an interesting band anyway.

Arch Enemy are set to release their upcoming album War Eternal this upcoming June.

There you have it, folks! Angela Gossow was one of the first few people we've interviewed on Metality, and we've recently interviewed Chris Amott. Guess we gotta hit Alissa up sometime soon! For now, here's a couple of videos that summarizes the best of Angela Gossow at Arch Enemy. 

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