You’re playing at Resurrection Dubai in March. It’s been a while since your last show. How do shows in Dubai differ from those in Bahrain?

Yeah it's been a while. Last time we played in Dubai was along with Melechesh and Nothnegal.
Shows in Dubai are usually the same as Bahrain. It's the same atmosphere with the same type of music. The crowd interaction might be a little weaker compared to Bahrain but it is more or less the same.

You guys are working on your new album: what can the fans expect? Will there be any major differences in the sound or style from the previous two albums?

Yes! We are working on our third album. It does sound different from our previous album I, Devourer in terms of how the music tends to progress in a way but still maintains the same SIF signature style. I'll leave that for the fans to decide which might be very soon.

Any news on the release date of the album?

Not yet. It's not that easy to write and gather ideas when you have three out of five members working in shift patterns. But nevertheless, we are aiming towards the end of this year.

What are your lyrical and musical influences?

With this album it's safe to say that there are a lot of death metal influences especially old school death metal and lyrically we are drawing a lot from real life experiences and lots of darker themes.

You’ve been around since 2005. How have things changed in Bahrain’s metal scene since then?

It has changed a lot since 2005. I can proudly say that Bahrain's metal scene has grown bigger and raised its standards through the last 10 years. With the ease of recording and promoting through the Internet, it's much easier for bands to spread their name and music around.

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What are some of your favorite metal bands from the Middle East?
Creative Waste, Scarab, Lunacyst, Motor Militia, Kaoteon, Deathless Anguish, Perversion.

What do you think is the most difficult aspect of being an extreme metal band in this region?
The problems we face are most probably finding shows on a regular basis. Unlike Dubai, it's kind of difficult to organize a metal show in Bahrain because of the lack of venues that would accept that kind of event and the strict rules against metal.

Which other bands are you looking forward to hearing at Resurrection Dubai?
All of them really. We've heard some of Devoid's songs and those guys seem pretty tight. We heard some good stuff from people who have seen them performing.

Any words of advice for people who want to start a band in the region?
Just play music you truly love and not  do something you're not enjoying
Because in the end metal is about expression and release, so don't worry about making it big
Because being successful in  music is just playing music. Always get involved and support your peers and help the metal community thrive in this region because we have some amazing musicians and people with amazing talents and need a chance to be part of this .

Is there anything you would like to add for Metality's readers?
Come down and check us out and the rest of the bands destroy the stage and support your local scene. You don't want to miss this event!
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