Here's a new metal band fresh out of Dubai, with a couple of familiar faces. Founded by drummer Muhammad Jaber (Chalice of Doom) and  guitarist Monish Shringi (Voice of the Soul), Verdict has one hell of a debut show: opening up for Vader at Metal East Fest on March 6th. Metality writer Habib had a chat with Muhammad about Verdict, comparing Jordan's scene with Dubai's, and what we can expect from the band in the near future.

Habib: Verdict is a new band from Dubai. How did you guys come together?

Muhammad Jaber: 

First of all I would like to thank the team of Metality for the support, it means a lot for us.

 It started in the late of 2014 when I spoke to Monish the guitarist of the Lebanon-Dubai band Voice of The Soul about starting a new project together , later on we got together with talented musicians which they are Ahmad Gameel on guitar and Sabtain Sharif on bass guitar, which eventually led to writing originals and starting a new project titled “Verdict”. 

What are your musical influences?

Musical influences would be many from oriental scales to uprising grooves. We have a quite diverse musical impact, since mostly each member brings something different to the table along with different influences and ideas.

How would you describe a song by Verdict?
Since all the members are influenced differently, music wise as well as lyric wise a typical verdict song can go in any direction. It can have djent, technical riffs or folk oriented patterns as the diversity is quite vast which opens gates to new sounds.

You have played in Jordan before with Chalice of Doom and you’ve experienced the scene there. How does the scene in the UAE differ from that in Jordan?


Chalice of Doom is one of the bands that I will always be proud to be a part of it, as its the same thing for the Jordanian scene which is a lot different than the scene in UAE 

in UAE the opportunities for the musicians is unlimited where they can start their own projects without having that idea that they might go to jail for playing their kind of Metal music, plus the fans of metal music in UAE have the choice to attend 1 to 2 gigs every month unlike in Jordan which it is difficult for us to make Metal concerts in Jordan because our society has this wrong idea about Metal music in general which makes it harder for the musicians in Jordan to make their own projects. I hope that will change someday.

Metal East Fest is organized by JoScene and Metal East Records
Are we going to hear your original material in your debut show at Metal East Fest (headlined by Vader) next month? 

Definitely, we are going to play 4 original songs to play for in Metal East Fest next month along with 1 cover.

Any hints on when we can expect some original material online for us to hear?

All I can say is that we are going to start recording after this event .

Any last words for Metality's readers?

We as musicians and as a band together are trying our best not to stay in a comfort zone, which means we are up to challenge ourselves in beating our own expectations. We are extremely excited to play and show what we have prepared to everyone to hear. 

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