Aramaic, despite being a relatively new band to come out of Dubai, have managed to develop an ever-growing fan base for their interesting brand of death-doom metal. After releasing their debut EP, The Fallen, the band have put out a new video for The King, and are anticipating opening up for Vader at Metal East Fest organized by JoScene and Metal East Records. Contributor Habib and Editor-in-Chief Kareem C had a chat with Aramaic's guitarist Fadi Al Shami:

You guys are opening for Vader at Metal East Fest on March 6! How excited are you?

Fadi: We are pretty fascinated by the fact that we are sharing the stage one of our idols, as much as sharing the stage with the rest of the bands as Benevolent, Voice of the Soul & Verdict.

Aramaic is a relatively new band to come out of the UAE. How did you guys come together?

The band started of when Michael and I got some jamming sessions together to find not so long after that we shared the same passion to write and compose what  comes later as the idea of Aramaic, the Middle Eastern band that rotates around the roots cultures and civilisation of the ancient arameans where all the band members descend from.

In your last show, you opened up for Indian metal mammoths Demonic Resurrection. Tell us about the show- it wasn’t at The Music Room.
All we can say that the show was a complete success audience, performance and energy wise, Aramaic & Demonic Resurrection gave all what they have on that stage  that night, the crowd was more than amazing, we saw some mosh pits going  around, and in such a  small place it was just a pleasure seeing the horns going up for  both bands.
Talking about a show not in the Music Room, we believe no matter where and what the venue is a band shall always give 200% for the fans who came from wherever  they to show their support.

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There’s a huge theme of Levantine and Mesopotamian mythology in your music. Tell us more about your musical (both Western and otherwise) and lyrical influences.

Aramaic is a self-explanatory name striking and new if we can say, as we know alot of the metal bands have addressed a lot of ancient civilisation which tend to a road  end when it comes to, Viking, Roman, Babylonian, Egyptian etc. yet no one had came  near the ancient aramean civilization whther its pre or post Christianity, with its beliefs, habits, wars, and Gods. Although some of the gods name like Nergal Shamesh has been mentioned exclusively in the polish metal scene precisely by  Behemoth & Hate.
Our lyrics are a reflection and merge between the old historical battles and stories  told by the ancient arameans especially the ones that are close to our recent times, you can read a story if you wanna know what the arameans went through our u can read between the lines to understand a present struggle in our world nowadays.

The band’s debut EP, The Fallen, has been well-received. We’ve already heard The King as we anticipate the next release. Can we expect any differences between the two releases or do you see them as continuous?

The first EP, was a huge step we have taken towards sharing our music and thoughts with the metal scene locally and internationally, so much effort was put into it trying  to come up with something unique that the others have'nt yet thought of, in the end  all the band members are from Arabic origins and you can see where all the Arabic tunes came from not to forget the main influences from the western metal bands like Swallow the Sun, Opeth, Behemoth etc. the part that kept the heaviness and the  crushing sound throughout the songs.  That effort  from all the band members  supported by the genius Hadi Sarieddine (Benevolent) who helped shape the  spirit of this album at Haven Studio. The Fallen is but a first step to whats coming  next we are cooking some huge ideas for the new upcoming album.

You guys recently put out a video for “The King”. Tell us more about the video and the song.

A waging war between SENNACHERIB, the King of Assyria, and HEZEKIAH "The Lord of the Land of Judah" a story thats inspired us writing "THE KING". The video was  filmed and produced by CTG Productions at The Sound Of Thunder Gig that took place in Dubai with Demonic Resurrection.

Can you tell us more about your on-stage costumes/clothing?

The theme of the band and its connection with the history was an opened door to come up with a sort of an outfit measured by wearing the old Arabic pants (sherwal) which was the farmers costumes back in the days in addition to the slight eyeliner  that Arab men used as well. Each band presents it's self in a certain image and we choose what suits the band's cultures combined with the Death Doom metal imagery.

Any pre-show rituals you’d like to share with us?
Band gathering with alot of alcohol and positive energy.

How would you best translate “ya leili ya ‘ayni” in English? You cant’ say “my night, my eye”?

The Night has always been that part which people sit back meditate dream think imagine and lay back roaming around every corner of this universe which we think its a flattering moment for the eye and the minds eye to be astonished but the beauty of it. That was Hard to explain!

Any last words for the readers of Metality?
Keep It Real Keep It Metal!

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