As part of our coverage for JoScene's event "Metal Mania II" on November 25th at the Music Room - Dubai, Metality's managing editor Habib T interviewed Voice of the Soul's lead guitarist and vocalist Kareem Chehayeb.

1. Kareem! It's been a while since Voice of the Soul has performed live in Dubai. What do you expect from this gig? Got anything special in store for the audience?

It has been far too long! Well, I’m really excited about sharing the stage again with my friends from AKB and Ascendant, and Steel Engraved were supposed to perform a couple of years ago. Thankfully, Dubai will get a chance to properly see them perform.

Well, we’re really excited to finally showcase our new album “Catacombs” in Dubai. Our set list will primarily consist of songs off the album. We also have Michel Maalouly joining us on bass. We’re very excited about having him on board with us.

2. Your debut album 'Catacombs' has been received quite positively since its release in 2015. Anything you can tell us about your next release?

Thanks! I think with every release we want to keep building on the strong elements of our previous release, and so on. But of course, influences and ideas develop over time with musicians. Due to the issues we faced as a band, we’re focusing heavily on giving Catacombs the exposure it deserves through some shows now, but the new album is a slow work in progress. It’ll happen though.

3. Speaking of Catacombs, what's your favorite song to play live from that album, and why?

Pendulum for sure! It’s difficult to pull off as a band live…so sounding super tight playing that song is very satisfying.

4. VoTS's members have been living in different countries for a while now. How do you overcome the distance and work together?

Yeah, we’ve had it worse in the past. Right now, most of us are in Lebanon, and Monish recently moved back to Kuwait. Thankfully, we have tools like Skype, GuitarPro, We Transfer, and WhatsApp to make life easier for us.

5. As part of the Lebanese metal scene, what do you think would revive it and make it more active?

I think it’s too factionalized, sort of like the politics. There is too much judgement on sub-genres and what not. While the Dubai scene faces its own problems too, there never would be an issue about - say, a death metal band sharing the stage with a nu metal band. I mean, look at the Metal Mania II lineup, you have nu metal, death metal, heavy metal, and power metal. It’s a nice diverse lineup. I’m not sure why some folks find that to be a problem. I think that’s how we can gather numbers, be able to have larger shows, expand networks of lovers of heavy music.

6. Any words for the readers of Metality and to the people who will attend Metal Mania II? 

Thank you!
Always a pleasure chatting with Metality who have supported us since day one during the good old days of My Space! Those attending Metal Mania II, we look forward to seeing you. Come say hi and have a drink with us. Don’t forget to wear a VOTS t-shirt if you have one to get your discount on a copy of Catacombs. We can’t wait to finally play some of these new songs live in Dubai!

Check out Voice of the Soul's playthrough video for 'Pendulum':

Don't forget to catch Voice of the Soul and other great bands on Friday, November 25 at the Music Room, Dubai, in 'Metal Mania II' hosted by JoScene!

You can find Voice of the Soul on Facebook here.
You can find the Metal Mania II event page on Facebook here

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