"A Word" With Emanuel from Zonaria

Zonaria are one of the leaders in the new generation of Swedish metal hailing from Umeå, Sweden the band has already worked with some of the biggest names in the death metal scene,
Their full length debut "Infamy and the Breed" was produced by Per Nilsson and Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry) at Black Lounge Studios which is owned by Jonas,

Their upcoming album "The Cancer Empire" is handled by legendary Swedish producer Fredrik Nordstrom who owns and operates the eminent Studio Fredman (At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Opeth, Hammerfall, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, Soilwork, The Haunted, Firewind, Nightrage and these are just to name a few)

Got the chance to ask Emanuel the bands pounding Drummer a few questions about shooting a video, working with Christian Alvestam, craziest encounters on tour and more
Heres how it went:

AB: You guys are about to release "The Cancer Empire", what are your plans after the release ?

Emanuel: We're going on tour with Vader and Grave In for like 2-3 weeks in october/november, thats whats set. But we'll try to come out and play as much as possible!

AB: Are you gonna shoot a video ?

Emanuel: Actually we have already have shot the first video for the album, should be released sometime around the album release!

AB: The Title of the album, what does it stand for ?

The title is kind of an reflection of what we can see at diffrent parts of the world today.

AB: How was working with Christian Alvestam on "Attending Annihilation" ?

It was cool even thought we never meet him or had much contact, we were just
fans of his voice and called him up asking him to do some cleans on the rendered demo a chours and he said: "Sure" and did it. And when it was time to record the album version he was all cool with doing it again.

AB: Whats the craziest encounter you had on tour ?

Hmm...really hard...Maybe one of thouse days when Pain's soundtech almost died...

AB: Which bands do you enjoy touring with the most ?

Easy one, Pain! No disrespect to other bands like Marduk or In Battle but the guys in Pain really fucking awesome guys and we had a blast for like 4 weeks straight!

AB: What bands are you into lately ?

Emanuel: I've been rediscovering Amon Amarth with thier new album which is awesome! I really like the new Slipknot as well as the debut from gothenburgs Marionette! I've also picked up my old At The Gates CDs lately.

AB: would you like to add anything for your fans out there ?

Emanuel: I hope you check out our new album and come to one of our shows if we play in your area! Also thanks for the support from everyone thats been at a show, bought the album or spread the word!

I'd like to thank Emanuel for taking the time to send me feedback
and I'd like to also thank Gerrit from Century Media for hooking a brother up :D !

Keep an eye out for Zonaria's latest album "The Cancer Empire" Out OCTOBER 17TH
So get ready for your ultimate beat down !

Check out Zonaria's :
Official Website

Check out the video for "The Armageddon Anthem" from their 2007 release "Infamy and the Breed"

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