"A Word" With Mircea from Mnemic !

I've been a fan of Mnemic for a very long time now, ever since they released their debut album "Mechanical Spin Phenomena" they never ceased to amaze me with their unique fusion of Industrial Metal and Alternative Metal, Mircea and Rune's constant unique riffing with some amazing screaming/clean vocals to go along with it.

After the departure of Michael Bøgballe the band's previous vocalist (which was a big disapointement for me that he left) the band recruited Tony Jelencovich former vocalist of Swedish metal band Transport league but later on the band and Tony went their separate ways.

I was very curious as to who will fill in this very tough spot to replace ... later on the band announced Guillaume Bideau who used to sing clean vocals for the French Technichal Death Metal band Scrave as their new Frontman, who brought in a whole new side to the band and released together their 3rd studio effort "Passenger"

The band is currently working on new material for their upcoming studio release, got the chance to catch up with Mircea the band's Guitarist and Keyboardist and ask him about the band's new album, the shows the guys did with Metallica and more.
Heres how it went:

AB: You guys are currently writing material for a new album, can you tell us about the sound your going for?

The sound we are going for is the natural sound of how we write music. This time around we have taken things easier, we have written in a relaxed environment, without management or label breathing down our necks. Therefore there hasnt been any stress when writing. Hopefully something good will come out of the whole process, but i guess you have to wait till next year.... its too early to tell.

AB: When can we expect a teaser ?

Mircea: Sometime next year before the month of May.

Which bands are you currently listening to ?

Mircea: Metallica, Sahg, Herbie Hancock, Suffocation, Lamb Of God, Kronos, Dawn Of Demise, DJ Træsko etc.

AB: Any plans of a DVD release ?

Mircea: We always wanted to release a DVD, but never had the time to do one. Hopefully sometime in the future, maybe with the next release. We have tons of footage we just need time to go through hours and hours of boring touring life, to sort out the best moments.

AB: How was the Metallica Shows ?

Mircea: They where the best shows we have ever done, music and crowd wise. It doesnt get any bigger than that, so what can I say, they where fantastic!

I'd like to thank Mircea for taking the time to answer my questions.
Be sure to be on the look out for Mnemic's upcoming release !

Check out the band's:
Official Website

Also check out the video for "Meaningless" from their 2007 release " Passenger"

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